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Non-binary flag

Non-binary flag



Visibility is not just about representation; it's about ensuring safety and acceptance for everyone.  Our non-binary flag patch serves as a tangible reminder that you are not alone and that your identity is valid.

By proudly displaying the non-binary flag on your clothing or accessories, you not only express your true self but also send a powerful message to the world: that non-binary individuals exist, they matter, and they deserve respect and safety.


Measurements 5cm x 8cm

We believe that increased visibility can lead to greater understanding, empathy, and ultimately, a more inclusive world for everyone. 

Here at SPC we've intentionally made this patch cheaper and that's because we believe pride /allyship shouldn't come at a high cost.

  • Iron on guide

    Iron-On Patch Application Guide

    • Prepare fabric: Ensure clean, wrinkle-free fabric.

    • Heat Iron & place: Set to appropriate fabric temperature. Place the patch where desired.

    • Protect, press & hold: Use heat-resistant fabric over the patch. Iron with even pressure for 15-20 seconds.

    • Check Adhesion: Verify secure attachment; re-iron if needed.

    For more detailed instructions go here Iron application

  • Sew on guide

    Sew-On Patch Attachment Guide:

    • Choose Placement: Decide where to attach the patch.

    • Thread Needle: Thread and knot the needle.

    • Start Sewing: Begin sewing from the backside, hiding the knot. Use small, close stitches to secure the patch.

    • Complete Stitching: Sew around the patch, knot the thread on the backside, and trim excess thread.

    • Inspect and Adjust: Check for secure attachment, re-stitch any loose edges.

    For more detailed instructions go here Sewing application

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