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Hey there, fabulous friend of Snug Pigs Club!

We adore hearing from you, so don't be shy – drop us a message for anything under the sun! Whether you're itching to ask a question, eager to check on your order status, or just want to throw us a big, friendly "HIIIII," we're all ears and can't wait to hear from you.


Not sure about the ins and outs of applying your patch? Fret not! We've got you covered. Head over to our dedicated page for all the patch-application wisdom you need. Still, find yourself scratching your head with questions? No problem! Reach out to us, and we'll guide you through the process with a smile.

Email? No problem.

If filling out forms isn't your jam, no worries! We get it. Instead, shoot us an email at It's a direct line to our team, and we promise to get back to you faster than you can say "Snug Pigs Club." Whether it's a patch-related query or just a virtual hello, we're here to make your experience as seamless and delightful as possible.

Why We Love Your Messages:

Your messages brighten our day! Whether it's a curious inquiry, a heartfelt shoutout, or just some good old-fashioned camaraderie, we genuinely love to see it. Your connection with Snug Pigs Club is what makes this community thrive, so keep those messages coming.

Let's Chat! 📬

Ready to make our day? Send us a message! Join us in spreading the joy of Snug Pigs Club, one message at a time!

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