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Like A Plastic Bag Patch by RSC

Like A Plastic Bag Patch by RSC



Feel like you're just floating through life? We get it, and so does this patch. Crafted with more love than a lost bag in the wind.

Thanks to our friends at Retrograde Supply Co. ... Yep, we went there, Katy Perry style.

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? You know, just floating through life, carrying the weight of your groceries and existential thoughts, desperately hoping for a gentle breeze of inspiration to lift you to greater heights? Or maybe you're just stuck in the pantry, next to the reusable bags, feeling a bit rejected and wondering if you'll ever be as environmentally friendly as they are. Either way, let's be honest, we've all had those moments when we're as lost and flimsy as a plastic bag in a strong gust of wind. Just remember, it's okay to be a little 'baggage' sometimes – we're all just trying to navigate the chaotic checkout line of life! LOL


Measurements 7.5cm x 7.5cm

  • Iron on info

    Iron-On Patch Application Guide

    • Prepare fabric: Ensure clean, wrinkle-free fabric.

    • Heat Iron & place: Set to appropriate fabric temperature. Place the patch where desired.

    • Protect, press & hold: Use heat-resistant fabric over the patch. Iron with even pressure for 15-20 seconds.

    • Check Adhesion: Verify secure attachment; re-iron if needed.

    For more detailed instructions go here Iron application

  • Sew on info

    Sew-On Patch Attachment Guide:

    • Choose Placement: Decide where to attach the patch.

    • Thread Needle: Thread and knot the needle.

    • Start Sewing: Begin sewing from the backside, hiding the knot. Use small, close stitches to secure the patch.

    • Complete Stitching: Sew around the patch, knot the thread on the backside, and trim excess thread.

    • Inspect and Adjust: Check for secure attachment, re-stitch any loose edges.

    For more detailed instructions go here Sewing application

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